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Why Use Unitech Smart Interlock System?

The Unitech Smart Interlock System (SIS) has been designed to fulfill the safety requirements of substations and switching/dispatching centers. SIS has inherent advantages over conventional interlocking product solutions. SIS combines the reliability of mechanical interlocking and the flexibility of electrical interlocking. More importantly, the Unitech Smart Interlock System uses the following revolutionary design concepts:

> Simulation Before Switching

Unitech SIS uses a Five Step method that incorporates a Simulation Before Switching process that prevents incorrect switching sequences from occurring. To ensure that switching personnel operating on the correct device, device identity and operation permissions are validated before switching.

> Comprehensive Switching Coordination

The Smart Interlocking System collects and models switching interlocking logic and rules differently from conventional methods. SIS uses AMEO programming language to express switching interlocking logic and rules of all primary and secondary equipment. As a result, SIS coverage is no longer limited to specific devices within a breaker bay. SIS can encompass an entire substation or several substation systems controlled by a switching/dispatching center. The SIS capability to handle larger substation systems results in a comprehensive solution for switching protection and safety.

> User Friendly Operation

Smart Key technology with its unified, standardized lock cylinder makes the switching process simple. Switching personnel only need to carry one key to open all locks. There is no need for carrying multiple keys. By following the operating procedure displayed on the Smart Key screen, switching personnel can avoid switching errors and ensure that correct sequences are followed during the entire switching process.

Download: Smart Interlock System

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