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Worker safety is crucial to the operation of power automation systems. Smart Voltage Indicator (SVI) is a voltage presence indicator developed for indoor and outdoor systems. SVI is designed for nominal system voltages from 6kV~1000kV. SVI helps track faults and warns workers about the presence of voltage. Fault finding is made easier and quicker. SVI prevents the accidental touching of energized equipment and mistakenly entering energized areas. SVI indicates the presence of voltage utilizing a large LCD display for good visibility in all lighting conditions.

> Unified Smart Key Interface

SVI is designed to seamlessly incorporate the Smart Interlock System to fulfill the safety requirements of grid structure and switching equipment.

> ZigBee Wireless Communication

SVI supports the ZigBee low cost, low power, wireless mesh networking standard for data exchange.

> Wide Range of Applications

SVI can be installed on indoor systems such as open switchgear cells, busbars in switchgear systems, transformer terminals, and switch/disconnector terminals. SVI can also be used in outdoor environments such as unshielded, naked and insulated metal conductors and busbars of any typical cross section and diameter.

> Maintenance Free

Most SVI units are passive devices where no power supply is needed.

Download: Smart Interlock System

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