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The Ground Wire Management System (GWMS) is an intelligent electronic device (IDE) that manages temporary ground wires in substations and power plants. GWMS can be operated in a standalone mode or integrated with SIS.
The Ground Wire Management helps ensure safe power system operation. GWMS can identify ground wires and their assigned positions in real-time. Use of GWMS reinforces the rules and standards of safe management of ground wires.

> Ground Wire Management

■ Unique ID for each ground wire
■ Detailed records of ground wire usage.
■ Ground wires with different voltage levels simultaneously managed
■ Tracking of storage position for each ground wire
■ Management of up to 64 ground wire sets.

> Ground Wire Operation

■ Ground wire usage only after unlocking
■ Intelligent voice guidance to enhance operation safety
■ Two modes of operation (SIS integration or standalone)
■ Integrate ground wire operations into procedures defined by SIS

> Real-Time Status

■ Real-time display of ground wires connection and position status

> Other Features

■ Save up to 1000 operation records
■ No data loss for 10 years even under a power-off condition
■ Large 3.5 inch LCD display
■ Rust-proof all-metal cover
■ Mechanical unlocking available in an emergency
■ Easy and flexible integration with the Smart Key Cabinet or other tool chambers

Download: Smart Interlock System

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