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Smart Key Cabinets can manage both Smart Keys and regular keys. Access to stored keys can be authorized by means of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) card, computer network log-ins, or mobile phone SMS. Advanced photoelectric detection precisely records the date and time when the user borrows or returns a key. Smart Key Cabinets greatly reduce complexity and improve key management within substations and power plants.

> Key Management

Various types of keys can be securely and safely stored in Smart Key Cabinet, including Smart Keys, electric unlocking keys, mechanical unlocking keys, step-skipping keys, and drive-by-wire keys. With a Smart Key Cabinet solution, only authorized personnel are allowed to have access to master keys.

> Key Usage Automatically Recorded

Key usage and status records are automatically saved. Records include key description, usage information, authorizer data, and date and time. Up to 10000 records can be saved in memory.

> Single Key Authorization Mode

Authorization can be designated to a single key. All other keys remain in a locked state.

> Cabinet Extension

Up to 128 Smart Key Cabinets can be connected using a RS485 bus. One of the Smart Key Cabinet can be configured to control all others within the system.

> Data Communication Methods

Smart Key Cabinet has a built-in serial port, Ethernet port and USB port. Data can be imported or exported using an USB device or remotely managed by mobile phone SMS and internet browser.

Download: Smart Interlock System

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