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Injury records show that 50,000 workers are injured annually in unintentional equipment startup accidents with 120 fatalities.

Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) procedures are designed to keep workers safe during the servicing and maintenance of machinery or other energized systems. LOTO is also the law as set forth in 29 CFR 1910.147 dealing with the control of hazardous energy. Even with the law in place, LOTO is one OSHA's most violated standards resulting high dollar penalties and lost worker productivity.
The main causes of LOTO-preventable injuries are:
■ Failure to stop equipment.
■ Failure to disconnect from the power source.
■ Failure to drain residual energy.
■ Accidental restart of machinery.
■ Failure to clear work areas before restarting.

Now there is a cost effective solution that rises above padlocks for safety...the Smart LOTO System by Unitech.

Working side-by-side with Unitech's Smart Interlock System (SIS) which ensures correct switching order through simulation based on real-time equipment status, the Smart LOTO System utilizes a smart LOTO Adapter and RFID Key that prevents the unexpected startup or release of stored energy prior to the completion of maintenance or service work.

The following SIS steps with the Smart LOTO System will ensure a maintenance task is performed safely and efficiently:

  • Create an operation order to stop and disconnect field equipment on the Smart Interlock System host
  • Create a LOTO order on the Smart Interlock System host by selecting the field equipment on the maintenance order
  • Transmit the LOTO order to the Smart LOTO Adapter
  • The Smart LOTO Adapter will automatically assign a LOTO key for the order. Until LOTO key is returned and LOTO order is completed, no operation can be performed on the service equipment.

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